Emanuele Gaspari

Web developer, PHP and Symfony passionate

Well, there we are. I am Emanuele, and here is where I live. Come on, sit down. A glass of water? A good wine?
Rather, no: I offer you my skills.

My job is to develop for the web. Yesterday, for example? Yesterday I experimented and built with PHP. Same thing today, and I think I'll do it tomorrow too.
I do this since 2005, trying to constantly improve my skills.

Anything else? Yes, I am the creator and developer of symfonybricks.com. It is a space for sharing guides and materials about Symfony. The same project source code is open source: a great way to learn a thing is look into it.

A web project? Let's talk about it.

I love my work (what many people call making web sites).
I would betray it if I thought "the technique is everything," if I did not rely on the collaboration of professionals of the contents and the images, if I did not not require the best for every element of the finished product.

I'm interested in producing different web things from most existing web things. Nothing more.
I work with PHP5, OOP, MVC, RAD, ORM and many other buzzwords.
But, above all, I work with Symfony.

Symfony trainer? No, Train to Symfony

Yes, Symfony.
The ingredient that I love most and know since 2007, from its 1.0 release.
I pursued each version, I know the strength, I daily measure its potential on very and less complicated projects, and very and less urgent ones.

So I said: "could I tell what I know, could I know it better?" Sure, through Train to Symfony!

A formula of workshop with practical instinct. A traveling event, also (professionally) delivered at home. Even customized upon requests by the participants.

How it works: there's me transferring technique and passion, charm and method of Symfony; there is the public finding a devoted and operational approach to the framework with the capital S. Clear, isn't it?

But now enough about me. What about you? Do you think I could help you with something?

my direct contact is info[at]emanuelegaspari.it